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A UPDATED VERSION OF THE GAME CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://sassynero.itch.io/parasite-zip-file
This Version only has had a major crash fixed, and is in a .zipinstead of .rar to make it more accesible. 

!Epilepsy warning!
on some devices! we have experienced some flickering on certain computers, and wanted to put that out there to keep everyone safe <3.

As you make your way to an ancient civilization a demonic parasite attaches to you!

Now you must feed it's hunger by consuming the growing corruption of the degenerated civilization lest you be consumed.
Carefully balance your corruption as every move consumes and empowers you.

In our game Parasite, you have ONLY 1 resource, corruption.
Dashing, Shooting even moving drains it, and if no more corruption is left, the parasite will take your life.
By gathering corrupted hearts you regain corruption and fuel your progession, but beware(!) - while upgrading does empower your abilities, they also cost more!
Defeat the 4 bosses to regain and uncorrupted heart and put and end to the slaughter


Game Design and Scripting by Joshua Christiansen : https://joshuachristiansen.itch.io/ , https://joshua-christiansen.com/ 

Level Design and Game Design by Anton Pilmark : https://www.antonpilmark.com/ 

 Art by ME! : @NeroSassy - most places! https://www.artstation.com/ncsas

Install instructions

1. Unpack Zipfile in empty folder. 
2. Open "ParasiteBuildFinal" folder
3. Activate HMTK 2019.exe 


ParasiteBuildFinal.rar 31 MB

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